Hot on the heals of the Egham-by-Runnymede Historical Society’s 50th anniversary last year, 2018 is The Egham Museum’s 50th anniversary!

This is no coincidence – as many people will know, The Egham Museum was founded by the Society; local residents with a keen interest in archaeology and history.  After less than a year in existence, Society members had identified the need, and interest, for the town of Egham to have its own museum and so began to put a call out to the community for artefacts and volunteers.

While the Society and Museum are now separate registered Charities, we still work closely together on many aspects of the town’s history.  Without the founding members of the Egham-by-Runnymede Historical Society, and all the subsequent dedicated volunteers, The Egham Museum would not be here today.

We are pleased to have a great newspaper and photographic collection that helps charts the establishment of the Museum and its development over the years.  And throughout 2018, we will be sharing parts of this history, along with the stories of the people behind the Museum, from those first volunteers, through to the Curators and visitors themselves.

So stay tuned as we celebrate our first 50 years, and look forward to the next fifty!

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