A Gift in your Will

The Egham Museum believes that museums are more than the sum of the contents of their display cases. Museums should be creative and dynamic organisations that seize the opportunities available to serve and engage with their communities better.

As such, we work with a variety of partners on various projects and initiatives, which include hosting conferences and conventions, producing pop-up exhibitions, working with schools and local interest groups, carrying out oral history, creating documentaries and offering placements and internships for students.

The Egham Museum is proud to tell the story of our rich heritage, from the prehistoric period through to the diverse area we live and work in today.  We are determined to ensure that these stories are captured and shared for all those who follow. You can support us in this work with a gift in your Will.  This may be a monetary legacy or objects of interest that relate to the area.

Whether or not you already have a Will, your legal advisor can help draft wording in either a new will or by adding a codicil to an existing Will.  He or she will need to know that The Egham Museum is run by The Egham Museum Trust (charity no. 278422) of The Literary Institute, 51 High Street, Egham, Surrey, TW20 9EW.

If you plan to help us, please show this webpage to your legal advisor. Future generations will appreciate your generosity.  THANK YOU.