People first lived on the site of Egham over 12,000 years ago towards the end of the Stone Age. These people were roaming hunter-gatherers, using simple flint tools to hunt animals for food and clothing. They lived in simple shelters in camps along the riverside.

Gradually, people learned new skills such as how to grow crops and herd cattle, and so settled into community life. Soon they discovered how to make bronze and how to craft it into items such as tools, bowls and beakers, as well as ceremonial jewellery.

Farming increased with the improvements in metalwork. Tribes settled and the population grew. Hill forts have been discovered around many iron age settlements. Hill forts could be a status symbol, a meeting place, define territory, or somewhere to trade. They could be a sacred space and sometimes a refuge.

The pre-historic period includes the:

Stone Age

Bronze Age

Iron Age